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Welcome to
the Fox Valley's
ONly gaming bar!

Bring friends, play
games, eat, drink, have fun!
Special Event Gaming
  Enter your team of up to four know-it-alls (or go it alone if that's your thing) to see who's the most trivial amongst you! Food prizes, drink cash, weird trophies - who know WHAT you could win?
Wednesdays 6:30-9pm
  $1 bingo cards per r0und, winner of each round gets all the $1's collected for that round! We play one final round near 9pm of "rolling blackout" - first to fill in their card wins half the pot, but finish in less than the maximum number of balls and win the whole thing! Half-wins roll over into next week.
Chip-In Check-In!
Thursdays 7pm
$2 weekly. Every Thursday night at 7pm we draw a chip from the Check-In bucket, and if that number's owner checked in this week they win the pot if present, half the pot if not. The other half rolls over to next week or, if the owner didn't check in, the whole pot rolls over!
Games you can play any time!
5 Second Rule (Uncensored) - you have 5 seconds to
     name 3 things in various (often nasty) categories.

Adverteasing - a classic trivia game of slogans, commercials and jingles. Work
     your way up to the President's Challenges!

Attack of the Jelly Monster - part dice chucker, part board game, zero parts       peanut butter. On the geeky side of gaming.

Bears Vs. Babies - make the ultimate beast (bear) to wipe out the evil
     babies. Wild and weird (and there's a pomeranian!).

Candy Land - yeah, it's immature, but mix it with drinking and it's a whole
     new experience! And possibly a ruiner of childhood...

Cards Against Humanity - if you don't know this one, you better get in here
     quick, newb.

Chutes and Ladders - see Candy Land.

Coinhole - a tabletop version of cornhole with different rules and no beanbags.

Cranium Dark - choose and action card and a Cranium card and try to get the
     rest of the players to guess the Cranium card while expressing it in the
     style of the action card. Kinda hurt my cranium just typing that...

                                          Deer Lord - challenge someone to a duel and leave it
                                               up to the rest of the players to decide who wins!
                                               This one's a little more complicated but lots of
                                               fun in larger groups.

D'ohdles! - Like Pictionary but you craft with clay instead. Can you squish
     your way to victory?

etc. - the game of abbreviation contemplation. Try to determine the answer
     to five clues using the 2-3 letter hint.

Even Steven's Odd - chuck the dice until you match the chosen card before
     everyone else and be the first to grab Steven. You read that right.

Exploding Kittens - be the last one standing who
     hasn't drawn an exploding kitten. You read that
     right too.

Express Yourself - You never know if it'll be your turn, your guess, or how you
     have to express yourself - and your teammate keeps changing!

F* That - Read a scenario card, choose one or more options and see if your
     friends can pick the one(s) you chose.

Family Feud Strikeout - just like the television game show without all the
     creepy Richard Dawson lady-kissing.

                                          Fake News / Real News - assemble your cabinet and
                                               figure out who said what quote or if it's just
                                               "fake news"! Strangely timely.

Funemployment - use some terrible qualifications to
     apply for various (sometimes weird) jobs - put
     the fun back in job interviews.

Game of ^Nasty Things - pick a topic, write a response, guess who said what.
     This being the "nasty" version, topics are a bit more risque.

Game of Thrones: Hand of the King - a fast-paced card game of cunning deals
     and clever maneuvering.

Get a Grip - like Pictionary only you don't get to use your thumbs. Cuz who
     needs those?

Joking Hazard - create a comic strip by selecting the best third panel to go
     with the dealers beginning two panels. Definitely adult themed.

Match 'Em - try to match the value of the card in play with as many cards
     from your hand as you can. Empty your hand to win.

                                           Monopoly Deal - a faster form of everyone's
                                                favorite money-grabbing boardgame. Be the
                                                first to collect enough monopolies and win!

Monster Crunch! - Pick a classic monster cereal and try to be the first to
     fill your bowl and collect milk tokens. Simple but entertaining!

Moonquake Escape - you're an alien convict trying to escape a prison riot on
     the moon. Lots of weird stuff in this one but fast gameplay.

Museum Heist - use psychology, bluffing and deceit to uncover other players'
     identities and get your hands on prized artifacts.

Nefarious - You are a mad scientist trying to destroy the world. So just a
     normal day like any other.

Never Have I Ever - the game of poor life choices. A
     twist on the classic drinking game. We even have
     the first expansion for your added playing

One Night Ultimate Werewolf - a quick game you can play over and over.
     After a short night phase, players have 5 minutes to figure out who the
     werewolf is, or else the werewolf wins!

Operation: Hulk - c'mon, you know you want to relive those childhood memories.

Pairs - a simple press-your-luck card game with no winner, just one loser.

Personally Incorrect - if you get offended by anything, play something else.

Phase 10 - complete each phase to move forward to the next in what can be
     a truly excruciatingly frustrating card game. My mom likes it.

Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park - a competitive tile-placing strategy game.
     Design the park, pick the best spots, and shift organs around before time
     (and the host body) expires. Mom isn't so keen on this one.

Say Anything - players come up with answers to fun questions and then
     everyone votes on which was best.

                                          Schrodinger's Cats - a different take on "liar's
                                               dice" with dead cats and special cat-pun-
                                               themed physicist modifiers. Prove them wrong!

Scrawl - the adult party game where doodles become dirty. Wait - isn't that
     every drawing game?

Sequence - play cards from your hand to place chips on the board and try to
     connect 2 strings of 5 in a row to win!

Sh*t Happens - correctly guess where each sh*tty situation falls on the 
     misery index. But regardless, they're all sh*t.

Simon's Cat - play cards to escape Simon's attention. Get caught, get blame.
     Get too much blame and get fed last. No one wants that.

Smart A** - I always thought being a smart-a** was a good thing. Apparently
     I was wrong, but in this game it's the ultimate goal.

Snappy Dressers - try to quickly find a match between two cards as every
     card in the deck matches every other card in one or more ways.

Social Sabotage - how far can you embarrass your
     friends on a global stage? Choose the best black
     card to go with the yellow scenario and make the
     loser post it!

                                           Sparkle Kitty - You're a princess locked in a tower
                                                by Sparkle Kitty! Be the first to escape your
                                                tower before your opponents in an Uno-like
                                                spell-casting card game.

Star Wars: Han Solo Card Game - inspired by the fictional game "sabacc"
     from the Star Wars universe, players add or swap cards to get the best
     hand (closest to zero).

Star Wars: I've Got a Bad Feeling About This! - outwit and outlast your
     opponents in a battle to stay in the game. May the farce be with you.

Stranger Things Eggo - I have no idea. But I really like the show.

Sunken Sailor - a drawing game where one player (the Sunken Sailor) tries to
     determine what is bring drawn, and the other players are trying to
     discover who the Sunken Sailor is.

Super Mario Power UP - bluff, trade and steal your way to victory as your
     favorite video game character.

The Voting Game - file your "secret" ballot for
     which of your friends best embodies the
     characteristic on the card - or vote for someone
     else just to mess with them!

Unlock! - an escape-room type of game, requires a smartphone to play along. 
     We have a few differnt themed versions of Unlock!

Uno - does anyone NOT know how to play Uno? It's Uno. Just...just Uno.

                                          Unstable Unicorns - one of the best new card         
                                               games. Be the first to corrale the requisite
                                               number of horny horses in your stable to win!

Weird Things Humans Search For - I haven't played this yet, but the title
     alone was worth giving it a shot.

What Do You Meme? - create the perfect meme by submitting the best card
     to go with the photo meme. A crowd favorite.

WTF (What the Fish!) - very fast-paced cutthroat game where you're either
     trying to get your fish  to escape or you're trying to kill another's fish.

Yeti in my Spaghetti - remember KerPlunk? It's like that, only the sticks are
     noodles and the ball is a cute little yeti. So it's better.

Zobmondo!! - get your team to reach a concensus on which of two horrendous
     options is worse. "Neither" is not an option!

If you have any questions or suggestions
don't hesitate to let us know.